Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Meet Moose!

My little brother's - he's going to be 27! - birthday is coming up this month! So what do I get a 27 year old guy currently living in New Zealand? Ever since he was little, he has liked moose! His fondness for moose stems from a soft toy he was given for christmas aged about one year old which
has turned into a life-long love affair with the animal!
The pattern is from AuroraGurumi on Etsy! Her patterns are really easy to follow and I am really pleased with the end result!

He is made with 100% cotton yarn by Rico Creativ...a lovely yarn to work with which gives a great finish!
I bought some luggage labels from a local store and stamped on them with my letter stamping set 'Please look after this moose xx'!

I finished it off by crocheting a little camera for moose to carry with him on his trip to New Zealand!! brother has just bought a new camera too!!

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