Thursday, 11 June 2015

Loving Edward's Menagerie by Kerry Lord at TOFT Alpaca Shop

Edward's Menagerie crochet toys first inspired me to pick up a crochet hook and learn to crochet.  The Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate 2013 was where I first saw these adorable creatures designed by Kerry Lord.  I immediately decided I wanted to buy one but soon found out the actual toys were not for sale but the patterns and wool!! :(
Despite my dubiousness at  Kerry Lord's reassurance that learning to crochet would be easy, her enthusiasm resulted in me walking away with a ball of the softest alpaca wool, a  knit pro hook with a nice rubber handle, and a downloaded version of a pattern for her bunny!

A few hours of learning the relevant stitches with the help of you-tube and nearly two years later, I am crocheting away - slowly building up a collection of animals completed from patterns from her Edward's Menagerie book!! I am so happy to have met Kerry Lord at the Knitting and Stitching Show! - a super talented lady.  Here are some of the forty animals from her book - most are loosely based on the same pattern for body and limbs - a very clever concept!

She also does patterns for animal heads which would make a great focal point for a wall hanging in a child's room or as a cushion:

...And my current project from her "Sheep Ten Ways" patterns - the lovely sheep in the middle - Seth the Wensleydale Sheep! 

...I've got this gorgeous alpaca wool, a gift all the way from Chile; and some Drops Alpaca Boucle yarn from Wool Warehouse to make it with!!

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