Monday, 30 July 2012

Red and white spotty apron!

I made a baking apron for my niece who will be three on the first of September!
We went to a nearby fabric shop for her to choose some fabric for it - no surprises it was red - her favourite colour - with white spots!  I made a mock pattern out of a piece of newspaper before setting to and making it!!  I added a couple of matching red with white spots buttons to give a bit more interest!!  She loves it!!!
Here it is modelled by one of her favourite softies!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New additon to the family equals time for a new project!

I have a new nephew!!!...big smiles!!!  I now have to attempt to make a soft book for my nephew similar to the one I made my niece  approximately two years ago...

It was the first thing I had ever made with the sewing machine my sister had just bought me for Christmas and at the time I was thrilled with the result!  It basically spells out the name of my niece in pictures with a page per letter!  Now I look at it and am thinking I could do even better for this second attempt!

My nephew is called William - to be known as Billy!  I have decided to go with Billy for the purpose of the book! I just have to think about how I am going to picturise each letter, preferably making it as interactive as possible!!!!
Am thinking...
B...Bear or Bee or Bird.  The bear would be made out of fur to make it nice and tactile...currently I am unsure of the inter-activty of the other two!
I...Igloo or ice-cream...the igloo would have an open-able door with a penguin peeking out and the ice-cream would have a chocolate flake attached to a ribbon which could be put in the ice-cream
L...Lion.  Perhaps peeking out of some leaves which could be opened up!
L...Lamb.  With some dangly legs and possibly a bell!
Y...Yawn.  A boy in bed yawning - a hand would be attached to a piece of ribbon attached to the top of the page and my nephew could put the hand over the yawn!
Just thoughts!!
Will see what happens!.................