Thursday, 17 February 2011

Luvly Soft Book for my luvly little niece!


I have fancied trying applique for a while but before getting my sewing machine for Christmas :), had been put off by the thought of attempting to do it by hand! This is my first finished item I have made with my new machine...a soft book for my seventeen month old niece!

I originally thought of doing an alphabet book but thought that was perhaps too ambitious for a first project!!!  Inspired by lovely books by:
I settled with spelling out her name!! I have tried to make it as interactive and interesting as possible to hold her attention...using buttons, tactile fabric etc

Above...Front page...A picture of my niece and her name! Buttons for the eyes and buttons of her dress and a ribbon in her hair!

First two pages...M is for monkey!! The monkey is made out of fur; bananas are attached to a piece of ribbon so they can be used to 'feed' the monkey!! When my niece saw the monkey she said "Ooo, ooo" (her noise for what a monkey says!) - it was reassuring she recognised my effort of a monkey!!!

A is for Apple!!...I made one side of the apple into a flap which could be turned to reveal the core and pips!!

C is for Cow!!...there is a bell on the end of the tail and a flower behind it's ear!

E is for elephant!!...Mummy and baby elephant!...Mummy elephant has a bird on her back! I toyed with the idea of only having one elephant and making it with a swinging tail but thought Mummy and baby were cuter!

Y is for yummy!!...the only other thing I could think of for Y was yacht and I thought even if at seventeen months old if my niece knew what one was she wouldn't be interested in one, so I came up with yummy as its what her Mummy and Daddy say to her at the beginning of every meal in the hope of building her enthsiasm for the forthcoming meal!!!! The cupcake has buttons on it!

Back cover...a message embroidered in satin stitch for my niece! I wish I had used a different background as I think it looks a little busy but I liked the "Sprinkled with love" message on it! Have added buttons and a bow for added interest!

Hope you enjoy my first post!!