Thursday, 22 September 2011

Projects new and projects to finish!.....

I started this advent calendar way back in February but put it to one side and am thinking it really must be time to get it out again and finish ready for the start of December!
It's from a Mandy Shaw pattern, so finger's crossed it should eventually end up looking something like this.......
Talking of Christmas!...on the back of Miss Polly Poppet I have been asked to make a Tin Tin doll for a four year old for Christmas! busy doing some research and hope to be able to come up with something that could pass as Tin Tin!!.......

Watch this space!!!............

Monday, 19 September 2011

Miss Polly Poppet now has a carry-cot!

I found a pattern for a carry-cot in "Applique for Little Ones" by Sylvie Blondeau...Polly fits perfectly!!!
It's a lovely book with some lovely ideas!

Plus...following on from Saturday's post I have managed to change Luvly's background and using I now have a cute new background for my blog!  Am so pleased with it!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cute website for blog designing!

Just accidentally came across a fab website with simple instructions for individualising your blog...
watch this space as I attempt to glam luvly up! 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Miss Polly Poppet!

Introducing Miss Polly Poppet!............

After spending loads of time searching the internet for a pattern to make a doll for my niece, I eventually found one and have produced Miss Polly Poppet!!
There are lots of nice dolly patterns out favoutites which fit my criteria of having patterns for removable clothing for the dolls as i wouldn't have a clue where to start sewing clothes without a pattern were...
 Both had really cute doll patterns and more importantly had patterns for the clothes I wanted to go with it for my two year old niece to dress and undress her with!

 Polly, above, is a Bit Whimsy pattern doll wearing her 'going out' dress which I have machine embroidered at the top and bottom with pink embroidery which is very similar to a dress my niece wore when she was went to a wedding with her parents recently!  I have even added some 'bling' in the form of a necklace and think she looks really cute with it on!

My niece is two and loves belly buttons!!!...I have added a button to Polly's tummy to act as a belly button as well as stitching a 'With Love' label to her bottom!

So far Polly has three dresses and two tops and trouser outfits...I have matched the material of the sleeves of the top with the material of the trousers to encourage my niece to match things up!

A work in progress is a now a carry-cot for Miss Polly Poppet to sleep in and be carried around in as well as a couple more outfits...another dress and a top and pair of trousers!  I may even make some shoes! x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Painting with handprints!

I searched the internet for some inspiration for what we could produce with my two year niece's painted handprints as a gift for her uncle to take away with him when he went to the States for a couple of years to study!  There's some great inspiration out there..........

A life-long fan of Mooses after being given a white soft-toy one with red antlers as a child for christmas we settled on this and proceeded to paint it on a canvas for him!!...very simple but I am pleased with the result!